About Me

  • Full Name:Brad Zellman
  • Phone:+1 845 608 4498
  • Email:[email protected]
  • Website:www.bradzellman.com
  • Location:Austin, TX

Hello There!

Orginally from New York City, I made my way to Texas in 2015. I have an enterpernueral spirit and a passion for helping people and teams acheive success by being an integral part of the digital product process from ideation to growth.

My Experience

  • Work Experience

  • UI Centric

    Senior Project Manager - 2017 - Current
    • Proven experience managing software projects across multiple project management methodologies

    • Manage multiple interdisciplinary teams of including Development, Design, UX, QA, and external steakholders

    • Works across high profile companies and their flagship digital propteries an initiatives with budgets of >$1M

    • Manage the entire project life cycle of simple to complex projects across websites, mobile (iOS, Android, Windows), connected TV devices (tvOS, Fire TV, Android TV, Chromecast), consoles (Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation) and other platforms such as Apple Watch, Amazon Alexa.
  • Bar-Z Mobile Development

    Project Management Team Lead - 2016 - 2017
    • Oversaw entirety of custom app development and release process

    • Trained customers to use proprietary content management systems

    • Created graphics for internal digital products, marketing collateral, and customer's apps

    • Developed automation scripts for Photoshop and Illustrator reducing production time by over 50%

    • Optimized Project Manager workflow by moving to integrated cloud based tools to decrease time spent on manual tasks

    • Developed and deployed custom Ruby-on-Rails Project Management System

    • Faciliated communication with internal and extrernal project steakholders
  • Cloudester

    Project Manager - 2015 - 2016
    • Onboarded new clients to define clear project scopes and milestones that would be transparent to technical and non-technical stakeholders

    • Worked across multiple cultural and geographic regions

    • Identified knowledge gaps of different stakeholders to mitigate risk before before risk was actualized

    • Streamlined PMO processes and improved communication and availiblity of information by implementing Kanban methodologies and practices
  • Pulse Music

    New Music Stratey & Operations - 2010 - 2014
    • Helped to develop Marketing & Product Strategy to enter Sonic Branding Market

    • Developed marketing department communications and digital prototypes with Adobe Creative Suite

    • Coordinated marketing efforts through the setup and management of a CRM and other cloud based marketing tools

    • Managed Internship Program to ensure a measurable balance of effecient studio operations and intern growth and learning

  • Education

  • Baruch College

    BA: Management of Musical Enterprise - 2009 - 2011

Personal Projects

Every now and then, I get my hands dirty too.

I like to say that I know just enough to be dangerous, and mostly build PM/Productivity quality of life tools.

Quick Ticket For Jira

Quick Ticket is a tool to make navigating to JIRA tickets across multiple boards faster along with cleaner Chrome experience. With Quick Ticket, you have the option to opening an issue in your current tab to prevent Chrome clutter while working through a project and store multiple JIRA boards for quick issues access across projects.


Like most of, my Downloads folder was an unruley mess with files from Slack, email, my mother, and my sisters dog. I created Tidi to make organizing your Mac quick and easy.